Mine has not been an easy path, but I am grateful for the struggles, they have been my gift, they have taught me so much about myself. They are what inspire me now to work with like-minded women who simply just want to turn their lives around. Women who want real transformation.

In 2005 at the age of 37 my fiancé died suddenly just 6 months before our wedding. Four short months later, my Dad, my absolute rock, died after a very short illness followed by the death of my mum just a few years later. I was deep in grief and now very much alone. 

In the space of 10 years, I had lost everyone important to me but I kept going. I didn’t want to appear weak. I didn’t want to alienate or lose anybody else by showing how I was truly feeling. 

I was literally reeling from one bereavement to the next. I was in an awful lot of pain and yet I wasn’t able to express it, even to myself. There were so many times I didn’t even know who I was grieving and the guilt about that utterly consumed me. 

I felt utterly abandoned and I was so scared that if I articulated that those left, my friends, might abandon me too. I was broken. I began to believe this was my lot in life and I tried hard to accept it as such. It was easier to believe that I was destined to have a sad life than to ignore all the evidence.

But the fight inside me had not died. I slowly started to realise that I had a choice. I could stay in my place of pain and continue to feel like the victim or I could choose to feel my grief, embrace it and take it with me as I started to rebuild my life. 

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Change had not been kind to me. 

But that was change I couldn’t control. 

Imagine what I could do with the change I was able to control?

And so it started. 

I left a permanent and pensionable job and a career of over 25 years. I took time out and moved to Spain for a year while I tried to figure it all out. I allowed myself to grieve. I created space for the sadness and it came. 

But answers also came. 

I knew I needed to take this opportunity to change where I was going and what I wanted to do with my life. I started to listen to myself to what it was I was interested in, what lit me up, what excited me. The message kept coming to me, to use all of these experiences, all the lessons I had learned, the tools I gathered along the way and share these with others. 

This began to take shape in the form of Coaching and Mentoring and I knew that this was my calling. I retrained and am now fully qualified and accredited in Personal, Leadership, Executive and Life Coaching.

Taking my 25+ years experience in Communications, PR & Fundraising= all the experience I had harvested from my career to date, combining it with all my more challenging life’s experiences it all started to fall into place. So much so that I actually felt I was answering my calling and that felt amazing. It still does.

Over time I have built this to what it is now a soul led business that works to empower women to transform their lives from who they are now to who they really want to be. I equip them, hold space for them, prepare them and walk beside them while it happens. 

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This is what I am good at. This is where I excel. This is why everything that happened, happened. I see that now. 

If you're still reading this, the chances are that the universe has brought us together for a reason. Let’s not waste this opportunity. Let me fill you with the confidence and inspiration you need to transform your life. It’s time.