Getting to the top of your profession takes work, commitment and real effort. Developing, growing and leading any business requires a lot of ambition, bravery and skill but let’s not pretend that it is easy and all smooth sailing. Let’s be honest here, it can be a lonely place too. You don’t want to appear weak and you feel it is important for you to be seen as having everything under control. 

You need to be strong for those around you. But then, answer me this, who supports you?

Every decision you make starts with you, regardless of whether it is to do with your career or your life. You hold the power to choose what next, but very often your fears, doubts, resistances get in the way and you can find yourself getting a little distracted by the white noise.

The most successful female business leaders realise that they don't have to do it on your own. This is why having someone who understands each of your challenges and who can offer you confidential and reliable support as you deal with the trials you encounter makes such a difference.


While deep down we do know that the answers to most questions are inside of us, we all need someone trustworthy and solid that we can lean on, that can support and help us :- 

  • Who will be direct and honest with you

  • Who will tell you what you need to hear NOT what you want to hear. 

  • Who will listen attentively to what you really need and then provide well-defined, clear cut and bespoke direction and guidance

  • Who will hold you accountable for all you promise yourself you will do. 

Combining my 25+ years in Communications, Fundraising and Public Relations I retrained and am now fully qualified and accredited in Personal, Leadership, Executive and Life Coaching.

I work with a select number of 1:1 Peak Performers consisting of Corporate Clients, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and I can provide you with counsel and mentorship around the following areas:

  • Allowing you to stay driven and focused by creating practical habits which will embody your passion for what you do.

  • Offering clarity as to where your energy will be best invested to ensure you achieve and surpass your personal and organisational goals.

  • Equipping you with the proven tools to master your mindset. Having a successful mindset will always result in you making smarter more strategic decisions that result in better business and personal outcomes.

  • Creating space for you to foster your decisiveness, self-awareness and sense of fairness whilst ensuring you continue to pursue your own purpose in a way that feels fully aligned and authentic for you.

  • Holding you accountable for delivering on your own business strategy and your commitment to being courageous, fearless and focused.

  • When we work together we ensure that our objectives are shared and continuously updated to ensure your growth alongside that of you business.

Think of it like this, what was required to get you to be the strong successful leader you are, in many ways mirrors what will be asked of you during our Peak Performers Mentorship Programme. It is what I will also bring to our partnership the commitment, courage and clarity to ensure your personal and professional success. 

My 1:1 Peak Performers Mentorship Programme is designed especially for women who are ready, right now, to take this important next step in their own development. They are dedicated and eager to be fully accountable for their actions, to have someone challenge their thinking and and who are on a mission to create and build the business that they are so proud to lead. 

If this sounds like you, then reach out and find more today but, and this is a big BUT, only if you are prepared to commit and are certain that you are ready to make big changes resulting in serious transformation in both your life and business.